Five Questions To Help Move Past The Worship Wars

I find it kind of amazing that churches are still arguing over what style of music to use, but there’s hope for peace. Scott Ball explains why authenticity may be a key to ending worship wars:

Some of you are reading this post and are laughing because you thought that the “worship wars” ended years ago.

Not true.

We now stand nearly two decades after the start of the worship wars, and many churches are still stuck on the issue. At The Malphurs Group, the topic of worship styles is still sensitive and relevant to many of our partner churches. Too many churches have split (and are still splitting) over the issue of what type of music to sing on a Sunday morning. And the churches that decided to be ‘blended’ have discovered that by choosing no firm direction, they haven’t made everyone happy–they’ve made everyone discontent.

But here’s the good news: the worship wars can end today.

Scott shares five questions that church leadership can use to help get past disagreements about worship styles. Read the whole thing here.

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