Five Things To Do Less

Todd Wright on recording the service so you can tell what needs to be fixed:

We don’t livestream worship at my church, but I do enjoy video recording services when I get the chance. Not only do they give me a whole new perspective on what our platform looks like and what the sound in the room is doing, but it also helps me see the stuff that needs fixing.

He shares five things that worship leaders could stand to eliminate or at least do less, such as:


There are definitely “hooks” that make or break songs, but a lot of that stuff doesn’t translate in a live setting. Plus, most of our people don’t even listen to worship music and aren’t going to know what we’re trying to pull off. This is never more obvious than in octave jumps. It sounds cool on the record when the worship leader starts in a low whisper, but don’t forget that’s been mixed to be vibrant and clearly heard. Our octave drops end up sounding like we just lost our voice in the middle of the tune.

Read the whole post here. Good stuff. What do you need to do less of?

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