Flexibility On The Worship Team

Worship ministry is no stranger to last minute changes – that’s why flexibility is a critical part of being on the team. Craig Stott says that worship team members can take some lessons from yoga:

I think we as worship team members can learn a lot from people who do yoga. Primarily, the main thing I think we can learn is becoming “flexible”. When I think about some of the times I’ve led worship, music directed, or simply played my instrument, there were moments I wish I were more “flexible”, meaning I was ready to bend a different direction than I had planned. On the other hand, there have been plenty of moments where I have felt I was ready to bend and move wherever the Spirit of God was ready to take us as a team. Turning to scripture, one of my most favorite men in the entire Bible is King David. Let’s look at how God used David’s flexibility for His purposes.

Craig shares three keys to becoming a flexible worship team member. Check it out here.

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