From Worship Leader To Worship Pastor

My title at church has always been “worship leader” or occasionally “the music guy,” but never had “pastor” anywhere in it. But regardless of the title, every worship leader plays a pastoral role. Those pastoral duties don’t always come easy to us, but Mike Harland shares five tips to help worship leaders fulfill their pastoral roles:

I went on to explain that ministry on a church staff involves touching the lives of people – and sometimes that means being at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. Some might argue, “My church only wants me to plan and lead worship. I don’t have to do that pastoral stuff.”

Well, you can sell that to someone else.

Because, if you serve a church in any capacity, you will need to step into pastoral moments – at least some of the time. Over the years, I learned to highly-value those moments of impact with the people I served.

So, in the that spirit, here are some tips I’ve learned about this aspect of ministry…

Great list. Check it out here.

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