If Your Talent Disappeared

I learned something important by getting the flu just in time for Easter. My voice was shot. I was barely able to stand up to play guitar, but I managed somehow. Two members of my team graciously stepped up to handle the vocals. And you know what? The service went pretty well. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t what I’d planned, but we pulled it off.

Later that day I got an email from someone on the team telling me that had it not been for my leadership, the service would have been a disaster. In the end, it’s not my talent that my team or my congregation needs.

Tiffany Stotts asks what you’d do if you woke up tomorrow and you couldn’t sing or play an instrument:

If you woke up tomorrow and your gift of music was gone, who would you be? Don’t you want to know what else God has layered into who you are? Beyond just your outer skills and gifts? And why He decided to put them there in the first place? You can’t even begin to imagine it.

If we are going to be truly effective in our music and worship as individuals and as a team, we can’t afford to leave these layers unearthed. The people around us need us to be the full versions of who we were made to be…

It’s an uncomfortable question for those of us in music ministry, isn’t it? Read Tiffany’s full post here.

One thought on “If Your Talent Disappeared”

  1. I would still worship God and serve in what ever way I am called. Since I have already trained and mentored a couple of team members who could replace me, I’ve long since settled this issue in both heart and mind.

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