Intellectual And Emotional

Jed Smith on the heart, the head, and the balance we often seek in leading worship:

Generally, there are two camps and I’m guessing you probably fall into one of them.

Camp Number 1 connects with their congregations on an intellectual level. They speak to the mind. They explain their exegesis, refer to studies and appeal to logic. And why wouldn’t this be a good approach? Aren’t we supposed to be “transformed by the renewing of [our] mind[s]”?

Camp Number 2 connects with their congregations on an emotional level. They speak to the heart. This way of connecting is more art than scientific. Logic might be replaced with emotional appeals and studies are switched out for anecdotes. And why not? People tend to be more compelled by personal experience than logic.

It’s easy to think these two camps are on opposite ends of the same spectrum. As worship leaders we feel like we need to plan our worship sets to have the right balance between the two. It needs to be in just the right spot on the spectrum.

He explains when, how, and why we should seek balance between the two. Check out the whole post here.

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