Introducing New Songs To Your Congregation

Matt Brady describes a nightmare scenario for teaching the church a new song:

We were a little nervous, but it was more excitement than nerves. We dropped right into the song, plowing through the verse, chorus and so on. It felt really good to be singing a new song, but something just was just not right.

When I looked at the congregation, they were all standing there, with their arms folded and a blank stare on each of their faces. Even the six year old boy on the front row had his arms folded! It was appalling!

Thankfully, I woke up from this dream and realized it wasn’t real.

We have had some interesting experiences introducing new songs, but nothing quite that drastic!

Matt goes on to share seven different ways to bring new music into your church’s worship catalog. Not every method will work for every church, but that’s okay. Check out the list here.

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