Keeping It Fresh

Chris Horton explains a few ways you can keep your church’s favorite worship songs from growing stale:

As worship leaders, we all have our “go to” songs that we use regularly in our services. These are the songs you probably use once every 4-6 weeks. These songs speak to the season our churches are walking through. These are the anthems where we always see hands raised and hear voices sing out the loudest.

So how do we keep them fresh? Now don’t get me wrong, the Holy Spirit is the one who does the work in the hearts of the people and He is the reason those songs speak so powerfully to our congregations. But as musicians, lets be honest… We can play/sing that song in our sleep, whatever those songs are for you!

Here’s 3 easy ways to keep familiar songs fresh for our teams, our congregations and us!

These aren’t terribly difficult things, like writing a whole new arrangement or changing it to a different genre. They’re just some small, simple things you can do to keep those “worship standards” fresh and new. Check it out here.

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