Making Your Worship Team A Ministry Incubator

As a worship leader, you should be spending as much time developing your team as you do practicing your instrument. Elizabeth Rhyno explains why every worship team should always be developing new players and leaders:

The Christian life is intrinsically a call to others. It has in its essence a life-on-life trajectory. But the focus of the musician can often turn inwards, goals of perfection driving the artist to hone and hone (and hone!) the craft. The lens of becoming as skilled as possible can sometimes obscure the value of developing others. Further, the drive for excellent production can sway some worship teams to exclude novice players altogether, rather than enveloping-to-develop them. I’d like to propose how worship teams can create an environment that nurtures and integrates newer players.

She goes on to list four ways that our worship teams can become safe places for new players to learn and develop. Check it out here. Good stuff.

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