Maybe This Is Why They’re Not Singing

If your church consistently and reliably doesn’t sing in worship, there are some questions you need to ask. Jamie Brown explains more:

Every worship leader has the experience from time to time of a service that just seems to fall flat. The songs didn’t work, or the musicians didn’t gel, or the technology didn’t cooperate, or the congregation didn’t respond. Whatever the reason(s), even in the most passionate of congregations, there are times when the singing isn’t exactly robust.

But when that’s the regular pattern, and when the congregational singing is consistently paltry, what is a worship leader to do? I would suggest that if a worship leader is observing (over a period of months or years) his or her congregation isn’t singing, that some difficult questions need to be honestly asked and answered.

Jamie lists fifteen questions to ask if your church just isn’t singing. Great list. Check it out here.

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