NoiseTrade Roundup 04.20.2016

There’s always lots of good worship music on NoiseTrade, and more is being added all the time. Here’s our weekly roundup of the newest worship music available on NoiseTrade.

What great worship music have you found on NoiseTrade lately?


Sayitha – Deeper

Come alive in a new way as you experience an honest and vibrant collection of heart-felt anthems that form this well-anticipated debut worship project.

Hymns On Piano – Hymns Of Worship, Vol. 2

Hymns of Worship, Volume 2 once again allows listeners to experience instrumental piano renditions of hymns of faith, worship, and adoration.

Chris Renzema – Chris Renzema Noisetrade Sampler

In celebration of the release of his new project, Chris Renzema is sharing two favorites off his debut EP, “Age to Age” and two favorites off his new record, “Chris Renzema & the New Nature Choir” (released April 8th). Hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, Renzema writes and sings from a poignant place of honesty and hope. The songs of this sampler take the listener on a journey of yearning and returning, of truthfully looking at all things between us and our Maker – and turning our affections back to Him. With folk/rock influences, this is triumphant, refreshing worship for both the quiet place and the congregation.

Slade And Dave – On The Mountain

Comprised of 2 songs, the theme of Slade and Dave’s album “On The Mountain” is how to live in a dark world full of depravity and sin in light of God’s spoken word. “So Brothers and Sisters” is a song inspired by 1 Peter about living a holy life, being prepared for action, and having our hope in Jesus Christ who is the “spotless lamb” sacrificed for His people. “Beatitude” puts you in the crowd where Jesus Himself spoke the Sermon on the Mount reminding us, as Hebrews 2:1 would say, to pay close attention to his word.

Erik Nieder – The Narrow Sea

The Narrow Sea is a collection of songs that speak to the journey we are all on in this life as followers of Jesus. It also points to our final resting place where we truly come alive when we’ve crossed into eternity.

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