Preparing Your Congregation For Monday

Andy Graham shares some of the thoughts that go through many a worship leader’s mind:

As a worship leader, I often find myself spending a lot of time thinking about songs for the church gathering. I ask myself; “How should we respond this week to the word?”, “What song speaks to where our culture is?”, “Will my guitarist be able to land this part?”, “How long can this instrumental be before people start dozing off?”, “Why is finding bass players like trying to find a needle in a hay stack!?” I spend a LOT of time thinking about what our gatherings look like, but what about Monday mornings? What about the places our people spend the majority of their lives? Can what we do in our gatherings influence our people in those places?

He focuses in on that last thought: how can our Sunday services help our people to be ready for what comes on Monday?

Interesting stuff. Check out the whole post here.

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