Seven Signs You Shouldn’t Be A Worship Leader

Not everybody is cut out to be a worship leader – you have to be wired in a pretty unique way. Just being a musician or a Christian – or both – doesn’t mean that you should be up front leading people in worship.

Here are seven signs that you shouldn’t be a worship leader.

1) You think that worship is mostly about music

Spoiler alert: it’s not about music. Music can certainly be an aspect of worship, but it’s never the whole thing.

2) You don’t like music

Worship isn’t all about music, but music is a pretty major part of being a worship leader. If you don’t like music, don’t bother applying. It’s a big part of the job.

3) You don’t like people

Being a worship leader is a pastoral role. You’re not just leading music – you’re leading people. If you don’t like people – if you don’t LOVE people – you won’t be an effective team leader or worship leader.

4) You can’t take criticism

If you’re leading worship (or any ministry), you will be criticized. Sometimes it will be deserved. Sometimes it will be personal. Sometimes it will be completely unwarranted. But it’s coming. If you can’t take criticism, this is a journey you probably don’t want to take.

5) You are terrified of confrontation

Being a worship leader usually means managing a team of musicians. There will be times when you have to make someone unhappy. Whether it’s letting someone know that they didn’t pass their audition or asking a team member to take a season off to deal with personal issues, you’ll have to have some tough conversations.

6) You’re afraid of change

From new music to new technology, there will be always be change. Your team members will rotate in and out over time. Your elder board will change. You may even have to start working with a new pastor. If you can’t handle change, you won’t last long in worship ministry.

7) You don’t believe in Jesus

You can’t lead people somewhere you haven’t been. If you haven’t experienced the life changing power of Jesus Christ in your own life, you can’t expect to help people encounter Him through worship.

What did I miss? What would you add to the list?

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