Six Ways To Help The Service Flow

One thing that drives me nuts in a worship service is “dead air” – not intentional silence, but awkward pauses. And there’s a world of difference between the two. An area that’s especially prone to an awkward silence is the gap between songs, but you can fill that space.

Matt McChlery shares six tips for a service that flows smoothly:

Flow is an important element of a worship service that needs to be thought out and planned in order for a service to move seamlessly from one part to another. There are many aspects to worship (it’s not just the ‘singing bit’) and parts to a church service, so invariably the things that help to create smooth transition and flow from one section to another are numerous and varied. In this post I will share a few musical ideas to help with flow in the sung part of a church service.

Check out Matt’s full post here. Great advice for filling in those gaps.

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