The Battle Of Burnout

One thing that nearly ministry leader has in common is the danger of burnout.

Sam Lambert shares some thoughts on preventing and dealing with burnout as a worship leader:

Even though I’ve been involved in ministry for just 11 years, at 23 years old, I understand the battle of burnout. You see, burnout does not care how old you are. Burnout does not care how long you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing. It’s a slow process that you can’t see coming, but when it hits, you know it. All of a sudden, you start questioning if what you’re doing is even what you’re supposed to be doing. You might ask yourself questions like, “Did I get something wrong? Is what I heard from God not what he actually said?” One of the most dangerous and fragile places you can be is a place where you doubt the voice of God.

Sam also mentions some steps we can take to help others in ministry to avoid discouragement. Read the whole thing here. Good stuff.

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