The Dangers Of Perfectionism

We want our music ministries to be excellent, but it’s a short fall into the pit of perfectionism.

David Conley writes:

We live within a world that is constantly striving after perfection. Taking a look at cultures around the world, it is amazing to see the extraordinary lengths people will go to have the “perfect” skin, hair, outfit, family, job, and so on. However, I don’t believe perfection within itself is wrong. In fact, we were originally called to perfection.

As a worship leader… Striving for perfection is one of my biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses. I struggle with the idea of every detail, song, rehearsal, and service being flawless, by all means possible. However, I am learning the dangers of perfectionism as I continue to grow in my leadership.

David shares a few challenges to help us overcome perfectionism. Check it out here.

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