The Point Of Your Setlist

Zach Morris explains why a fancy, flashy setlist is just fine, as long as it’s doing its job:

In the last decade, worship ministries (especially youth worship ministries) have begun to grow into something big, flashy, and extravagant – making it very attractive to today’s churched and, in some cases, un-churched youth. What you’ll find at plenty of churches with a large youth ministry is a full band, loud music, fancy lights, and a set list consisting of the newest songs from the ‘cool’ or ‘relevant’ artists like Bethel and Young & Free.

You may be thinking that I’m about to say that this is not good, but that’s not my position at all. I think good presentation is great, and should be implemented (in every church’s own unique way) as often as it can be. However, I think that we, the church, have become so focused on how we present the Gospel that we’ve forgotten to actually present the Gospel in a cohesive and comprehensive way.

As Zach points out, your goal in planning a worship set should be to tell the Gospel. Supporting the theme is great, and there’s nothing wrong with modern music, but if the Gospel is absent, the worship set has failed. Read Zach’s full post here.

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