The Psychology Of Loudness

If I had to guess, I’d say that the top two complaints that most worship leaders hear are song/style choices and volume. “It’s too loud” is something every worship has heard or will hear at some point.

Dusty Wallace writes:

Our dB readings that first acoustic Sunday were the exact same as the dB readings as every other Sunday with the full-band. BUT, those same people who had complained in weeks prior stopped me after the acoustic set and said how much they loved the softer volume.

Now, besides feeling like I wanted to laugh-cry right as they told me this, it illustrates my earlier point: there is no universal standard for loud.

There are several things people may call loud that have nothing to do with your overall volume/dB reading, because loud is the only word they know to describe their discomfort.

Dusty lists three important things to keep in mind when the volume complaints come in. He also explains why some people think the music is louder than it actually is. Check it out here.

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