Three Ways To Be A Bad Communicator

Communicating well with your worship team is essential. Laura Blankenship explains that poor communication can kill your worship team’s culture:

I’ve come to realize that part of my job description should read, “Defender of Culture”. Because in all reality, creating and keeping a positive culture on our teams only happens with intention. It’s when we get a bit lazy that culture killers can sneak in and start to poke holes in the fabric of our God-centered, positive, encouraging, and honest culture.

Let’s talk about a culture killer that runs rampant through the church world: Poor Communication.

It’s really tough as a leader to hear a volunteer say, “No one told me” or, “It seems like you don’t really need me right now so I’m taking next month off”. And sometimes, we even find ourselves disappointed in the performance of a volunteer, wondering how it went so wrong.

How does this happen?

Laura lists three ways that worship leaders (and other ministry leaders) often fail at communicating with their teams. Read the whole thing here.

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