Top Five Posts From March 2016

Here are the top five most-read posts from Worship Links for the month of March, if you’ll forgive the shameless self-promotion on my part. 🙂

Interview: Worship Pastor Brent Dyer

The great thing about being a musician who “manages” musicians is you know how they think – because you are just like them! I guess the greatest challenge I face is finding the time to truly invest in people. Pouring my life into their lives is my calling, not managing their rotation schedules. I hope when we are all old and can’t sing or play any longer, the musicians that worked with me will look back and say they were loved well, encouraged to use their gifts well, and were inspired to be all God wanted them to be.

Interview: Pastor And Worship Leader Holland Davis

Recognize​ ​who you are in Christ and minister from that place. Jesus anoints you being you. He doesn’t anoint you doing your best version of Chris Tomlin, Tommy Walker, Matt Redman or David Crowder… or Hillsong, Elevation Worship or Gateway or whoever your hero is.​

Raising Holy Hands

Deb Potts takes on the topic of when and if we should raise hands in worship… I think it’s safe to say that there’s plenty of Biblical precedent for raising hands. Deb digs into the history and psychology of raising hands in worship, and it’s really interesting.

A Worship Planning Process

Marc Brown describes his thought process behind selecting songs for corporate worship. It’s an interesting look at the ways in which planning a worship service go far beyond just picking songs.

Baptism And Microphones

Monday morning began watching Coldplay on The Today Show playing on the street in NYC in the middle of a rainstorm. (So much for that acoustic piano!)

Watching the rain soaked guitars and microphones reminded me of Kyle Lake


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