Weekend Links

Weekend Links

Worship leaders, pastors, and everyone serving this weekend: know that I’m praying for you! I pray that God will bless you and stretch you and use you to grow His kingdom and expand His family.

As usual, I found lots of great links this week that I wanted to share with you but that didn’t quite fit into a post. When you get a few minutes this weekend, check them out and be encouraged and challenged. Maybe even learn something. 🙂

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Pamela Haddix on being still and listening to God when our souls are restless:

My heart and mind have been restless this week. Struggling to figure some things out. Conflicted to even know where to begin. Just scattered. So isn’t it just like God to take me back to these powerful verses this morning…

Kailey Collins explains why multicultural worship is so powerful:

All those different languages being sung at the same time should have sounded chaotic and discordant. As I was singing and listening I couldn’t help think how this experience was flying in the face of everything I had been taught as a musician. As a classical violinist, I was taught to appreciate order and sameness.This was anything but that! My mind was saying “This can’t work!”, but my heart was saying “This is the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have EVER heard!” Why?

Ben Grace posted some highlights from an online discussion about leading worship in different languages:

During the month of March, our FB discussion centered around the topic of singing in different languages. We had insightful discussion around two specific questions…

Here are a few insights that our community shared.

W. David O. Taylor shares a fascinating overview of Bono’s thoughts and sayings on scripture and the Psalms:

It is no secret to fans of U2 that the psalms have played a significant role in Bono’s thinking on the Christian faith and in his practice of songwriting. It is also common knowledge that over the years Bono has felt a sincere affection and admiration for Eugene Peterson, who authored, among other things, The Message, a contemporary translation of the Bible. It is also true that Eugene has felt similarly towards Bono and U2 alike. Bono’s observations on the psalms that I have included below are things that I have come across over the past couple of years. They bear witness to a serious care for the Psalter and to a fascinating line of thinking on the relation between art and Scripture.

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