What Season Is It Again?

Sometimes worship leaders get seasonal whiplash from planning ahead. You might be singing Christmas carols on Sunday, but you’re already thinking about Easter.

Katie Roelofs calls this “Liturgical Confusion”:

I’ve only been in worship ministry for 11 years, which I know is likely less time than many of you. But each year, I feel a growing sense of what I call “liturgical confusion.” Our job requires working ahead – often several weeks or even months in advance. Our worship calendars with preaching schedules, choir anthems, guest ministers, special missionary presentations, accompanist schedule, instrument involvement and so on are laid out before us with Sundays flying at us like fast balls in the batting cage. And the working ahead makes me feel liturgically confused. When the congregation is celebrating Christmas, singing their “Joy to the Worlds,” I’m already glowing with the light of Epiphany and dabbling with the “L” word. Then when the big “Lent” rolls around, I’m already into Holy Week and beyond.

Do you experience liturgical confusion or seasonal whiplash as a worship leader?

Check out Katie’s full post here.

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