What To Do When Your Best Player Leaves

Whether you’re on a worship team or just in a band, you’ll lose your best player someday. Todd Wright explains more:

We’ve all had THE PLAYER.

THE PLAYER is that person who shows up who has astounding God-given talent, can play whatever you ask and instantly gels with you and the rest of the team.

With a player like this, you might sometimes think to yourself, “Wow. I think we’re, like, a GOOD band now.” Songs come faster and the congregation responds. Your whole sound changes with a player like this because you’re able to chase ideas never before attempted.

So, what do you do when a player like that leaves?

It can really demoralize the team to lose a great musician, but it doesn’t mean ministry stops. Todd shares four things to keep in mind when your best musician leaves the team. Very encouraging post. Read the whole thing here.

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