When To Let It Die

If you know your congregation well and listen to the Spirit, you’ll pick the right songs most of the time. Most of the time. But every now and then, every worship leader tries a new song only to have it fail spectacularly.

Kade Young on knowing when to cut a song from the rotation:

I do my best to be led by the Holy Spirit when selecting songs for my congregation, but there have been many times that my personal preference has gotten in the way. I sincerely thought my song selection was spirit-led, but soon found out that it was just something I enjoyed listening to.

Maybe you have been there? You know, that time when you were so excited to introduce the new song to your congregation…and then it fell flat. They all just stared at you with a confused look.

He explains how long it takes, in general, to know if a song is going over well with your congregation. Check it out here.

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