Why We Repeat

One common complaint about modern worship songs is all the repetition, but is that a fair criticism?

David Mathis takes on the subject of repetitive worship songs and why they’re nothing new:

But do we know what our unprecedented access to novelty is doing to us? All indications are that it’s threatening to make us shallower, not wiser and more mature. Running our eyes across the page and mouthing words to a song are not the same thing as experiencing the reality in our hearts. Our hearts simply don’t move as quickly as our eyes and our mouths.

Which makes corporate worship such an important elixir for what is increasingly ailing us today.

Take Psalm 136 as a flashing red light from the divine that our newfound intolerance for repetition is out of step with what it means to be human.

For the record, “our newfound intolerance for repetition” just became one of my new favorite phrases.

Read David’s full post here. It’s a powerful counterpoint to the repetition complaint.

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