Worship Leader: Title And Position

Jonathan Aigner explains why we should reconsider the title – and maybe the position – of worship leader:

When I was a good little Southern Baptist kid, which was not that long ago, we had “Ministers of Music” and “Music Directors.” At some point between then and now, the contemporary worship movement ushered in nearly universal use of a new title: “Worship Leader.”

Recently, I’ve noticed the title being called into question, which I think is a very good thing. Most of the criticism can be boiled down to one foundational problem, and it has to do with our understanding of the function of the worship service itself.

Specifically, I think the widespread use of the term “worship leader” in reference to a lead singer reflects the pervasive conflation of music and worship, as well as a misunderstanding of the purpose of corporate worship in the church.

He also lists four pieces of good advice for anyone up on the platform leading corporate worship. Check it out here.

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