Worship Tech Roundup

Worship Tech Roundup

As usual, this week I’ve come across a ton of great posts about the technical aspects of worship ministry. I didn’t have time to put each one into its own post, but I wanted to share them with you.

So here’s a collection of tech-related worship posts. Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Chris Huff posted a guide to rating your portable church’s audio system:

A portable church audio system has unique demands but they aren’t too far off from the demands placed on an installed system. Let’s find out how your system does.

Answer a simple yes or no to each one. I’ll also highlight how the above situation ranked, if you can’t already guess.

Branon Dempsey shares some tips for a great working relationship between the worship leader and the sound team:

The sound engineer is a vital member for making the worship music go without distractions. Hearing the screech of feedback or a pop of something electrical can be distracting to a worshiper. Your sound engineer may not have a mic, but they are in control of yours. Get to know him or her.

David Stagl lists the four stages of competence and how they relate to church tech:

Have you heard of the Four Stages of Competence? I stumbled on these a few weeks ago, and they seemed very applicable to audio. The Four Stages of Compentence are the stages you go through when you are learning a new skill.

Cory Mansfield shares some worship tech freebies for the month of April:

Free mini movies, a free song track, 2 free countdowns, and a free stock video! Can you resist it? Can you NOT click on the links below? Go ahead and try. Don’t do it. Don’t click on the FREE stuff. Haha! Of course you can’t. They’re free! Who doesn’t love anything free?! Alright, go get ’em. Enjoy. Use them and share these with your media-loving friends.

Happy April everyone! Happy Spring and happy warm weather (minus the snow that’s coming).

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