About The Site

With this site, I hope to provide you with links to great resources about leading worship. My goal is to help you find what you need to become a better worship leader and a better worshipper, and to bring honor to God in doing that.

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This site isn’t run as a business or anything like that. It’s just me, posting links I find helpful. If you’d like to support the site, please use the Amazon affiliate links or consider sponsoring the site or buying some advertising. The most helpful thing you can do is spread the word. If you find something you like here, please feel free to share it via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, email, or however you like to share things. I’ve set up some buttons that will hopefully make that easier for you.

About Me

My name is Brad.

By day, I do IT work for a suburban school district.

By night, I’m the singer and one of the guitarists in Blue Sky Falls.

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