How do you close your services? I like the idea of a benediction or closing song.

Let me encourage you to rethink the benediction, blessing, or last prayer during your worship service. Whether traditional, contemporary, or something in between, challenge your worship team or liturgist to offer the closing words with enthusiasm, to smile, and look at people’s faces. And begin to encourage everyone to listen to the postlude or sing their hearts out.

I’ll never forget the one time I closed our service (I don’t usually do it, but the pastor was on vacation) by saying something witty like, “Okay, I guess we’re done.” Not my finest hour. 🙂


Worship Like You’re Not A Robot

Some insightful thoughts from Steve Brown (whose blog you should follow) on emotions in worship.

I am not talking about making a spectacle of oneself, being a hindrance or a distraction. I am talking about being real. I am talking about being yourself. I am talking about being a person and not a stone. I am talking about emotions motivated by truth.

I especially like his comments about different generations being taught to show or hide their emotions in different ways.

How Many Christmas Songs To Sing?

Carlos Whittaker has compiled, as he calls it, “Undisputed Proof” about how many Christmas songs you can do in a worship set:

I have given you the undisputed proof.
I mean it only comes from like 150 of my twitter followers…
But they are the smartest.

So take a large grain of salt and go check out his findings. 🙂


Seven Uncommon Worship Leading Skills

More great stuff from prolific worship blogger David Santistevan:

Oftentimes when it comes to finding a worship leader, we look for the individual with the most musical talent. Sure, that doesn’t hurt. But it’s so, so much more.

As a worship leader, how do you get there? What are the skills you should be focusing on?

I especially like his comments and analogy on how a worship set should flow:

Think of your worship set as a great major motion picture. Sure, there are individual scenes, but they all flow together to create a film. No commercial breaks, no awkward pauses, no random scenes. As a worship leader, you need to develop the skill of flow.