Advice For The New Worship Team Member

When I first started getting involved in worship ministry, there wasn’t a lot of material about it online. In fact, there wasn’t much material online at all, because it was the early 90s.

Today, there’s more information online than most people can imagine. And while there are tons of great resources for worship leaders, there’s not as much out there for worship team members. So I was really happy to see that my Twitter friend Evinta has started a new blog for worship teams, and her first post is called To The New Worshipper:

So congrats, you joined the worship team at your church as a musician or vocalist. I am excited for you as anyone joining any team dedicated to glorifying God excites me. I know what you’re going through so here is some advice to help you get through the first few months of joining the team.

Drawing from her own experience, Evinta shares some practical tips on how to survive joining the team. Here’s one of my favorites:

Communicate with your Leader!

Communication is the key. They have the vision of where they want the worship to go and therefore it is important that you ask questions… mine loves it when i ask him what can i improve on.

Very true. I’d go ahead and add that you shouldn’t be afraid to offer suggestions to your worship leader as well. I love getting ideas and suggestions from my team, on everything from arrangements to plugs for new songs. I don’t always take their advice, but when they give it, I know they’re invested.

Evinta’s whole list is great, and you should really check out the whole post. Her last tip is also worth sharing:

And finally, just Worship him.

In everything you do. Just worship him.

Thanks, Evinta, for a great list of tips and for sending me the link. Looking forward to more great posts from your blog!

Starting From Scratch, Part 2

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I keep bugging my wife about moving to the beach. It was in reference to this post by Russ Collins at Worship Ministry about starting over. Russ and I got in touch over Twitter after I linked to his post, and he said that I should definitely do it. So now I just need to convince my wife. 🙂

All of that to say that Russ has published part two of his post about building a new worship team from scratch:

Today, I want to uncover the process I went through in the early stages of our church plant to set the groundwork for our new worship team. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas and encouragement as you are building your new team.

Russ lists some good tips, but one that really stands out is this one:

Lead by supporting your pastor. He or she has a vision for the new church and your job is to get behind it. Your leadership through facilitating authentic worship is vital to the vision of the church. Make sure you clearly understand your pastors expectations and strive to meet them. It is crucial that this relationship is a healthy one. Spend time in prayer together. Have open and honest conversations about what is happening. Seek to serve in any way you can.

That’s great advice for any worship leader in any situation.

Don’t Lead Alone

Worship leaders, are you leading your team or just leading the music? Are you equipping your people or just serving alongside them?

In his latest post, David Santistevan writes:

As a worship pastor, I find my greatest joy not when I’m leading worship, but when someone I’ve discipled is leading worship. I feel I’ve done my job, not just when I’ve expended energy on the platform, but when I’ve done the work of teaching and discipling and mentoring behind the scenes.

His whole post is really good. It’s all about equipping disciples, building up your team, and being a leader with influence. This one is definitely worth your time to read.

Starting From Scratch

My wife and I sometimes joke around about leaving everything behind, packing up the kids, and moving to the beach. Okay, well, she’s joking at least. I’m dead serious about it. Wherever we’d end up, I’d probably be leading worship and she’d probably be doing children’s ministry, because that’s just how we’re wired.

Thinking about that makes me wonder how tough it would be to build a whole new worship ministry from scratch. I mean, I have history where I am now, but if God told us to pick up and go, we’d pick up and go. So I think about that every now and then: how do you start a whole new team?

Because I wonder about that, I read this article by Russ Collins at Worship Ministry with great interest – Worship Planning Starting From Scratch: Building New Worship Teams. Russ writes:

My wife and I were excited about the possibilities of the new church plant and the people we would soon call our family.

Then, it hit me. I have to start over.

So Russ is soliciting advice on how to do just that. Check out the full post and weigh in with your thoughts.